programme d'investissement d'avenirInstitut Faire Faces, a leading research centre in head and neck surgery

The Institute was founded in 2009 by Professor Devauchelle and Testelin, after they performed the first face transplant in the world in 2005.

A unique research and teaching center in Europe, the objective of the Institute is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in order to restore form and function in faces disfigured as a result of a birth defect, a trauma or cancer.

To deliver on its mission, the Institute develops programs in three main areas: research, advanced surgical training, information.

The Institute, a unique research center on head and neck surgery, will open the doors of its new facility in the spring 2022.


55 researchers and surgeon-researchers from different disciplines, collaborating using cutting-edge platforms to reinvent head and neck surgery.


Share knowledge and learnings, raise awarenesss about facial handicap and head and neck pathologies.


An experimental surgical laboratory to offer advanced training using the latest technologies in head and neck surgery.

Advanced imaging platforms

The Institute is equipped with 2 advanced imaging platforms:

  • a Philips 3 Tesla MRI machine
  • a VICON facial movement capture platform.

Both platforms are at the core of the Institute Research programs and are also available to academic and industrials partners for their own research programs.
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