Changing how we look at people with a facial difference

Changing how we look at facial difference.

In an increasingly normalized world, people with a facial difference are still rejected or bullied. Around 8000 children every year are born with a facial difference and many more suffer from accidents, traumas, cancers, illnesses that drastically change their facial appearance. No matter how old we are, what our social status or origin is…this can affect all of us.

The main objective of the “Beyond faces” project is to encourage all of us to change how we look at people with a facial difference, so that these people can live their lives fully, without dreading glances or derogatory comments.

The film “beyond faces”.

Anita Volker and Cyril Caine, screen-writers and directors of the movie, have relied on humour and laughter to encourage us to think about how we judge and accept others.

The 2:30 mn film, edited into 4 shorter versions of 30 to 45 seconds, showcases a group of people with facial differences. Each person makes up a funny story to explain his/her facial appearance. The goal is to use humour to re-establish a connection with the audience as opposed to focusing on the facial difference of the actors.

“Beyond Faces” project.

The project “beyond faces”, led by Anita Volker, is a collaboration between Institut Faire Faces, the Head and Neck health consortium and the rare illness center MAFACE.

The objective of this project is to create and broadcast videos, testimonials, educational tools to change how we look at people with facial differences.

Thanks to the support of Badass production agency, the first milestone of the project was reached with the creation of the “beyond faces” video, directed by Anita Volker and Cyril Caine. We aim to share and broadcast this film as widely as possible, first on French national TV France 3 and France 5 from August 29th until September 4th.

The project team.



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