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Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale
3e étage, 1 Rond-Point du Professeur Christian Cabrol
80054 Amiens Cedex 1

téléphone:Tel (33) 03 22 08 90 73

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In the media

Great War – 14-18 Les Gueules Cassées, the history of the art of face reconstructive surgery
43 mn – A documentary from Aurore Mréjen. Amiens Hospital maxillo-facial department’s surgeons, psychiatrists and nurses share their thoughts and opinions on disfigurment and transplants.
13 mn – Thoughts from Professor Devauchelle on reconstructive surgery of the face.
4 mn – Portrait of professor Devauchelle, President of the Institute Faire Faces.
11 mn-  Interview of Professor Devauchelle on the 2nd face transplant performed in Amiens University Hospital.
4 mn –  In the surgery room during the first face transplant.