Institut Faire Faces
Rond-Point du Professeur Christian Cabrol
80054 Amiens Cedex 1
téléphone:Tel (33) 03 22 08 90 73

The Institute is ideally located a 5mn walk away from Amiens University Hospital, in the Somme province, in Northern France.

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ville d'Amiens

Videos about the Institute

2mn. Presentation of the Institute and its new building. Oct 2020
World War I.  Les Gueules Cassées, the story of how reconstructive surgery of the face was born.
43 mn –  A film from Aurore Mréjen. Thoughts and interviews of the surgeons, psychiatrists, nurses in the maxillo-facial unit of Amiens University Hospital, where the first face transplant took place in 2005.
13 mn – Professor Devauchelle’s thoughts on reconstructive facial surgery.
4 mn – Portrait of Professor Devauchelle, surgeon at Amiens University Hospital, President of Institut Faire Faces
11 mn-  Interview of Professor Devauchelle about the 2nd face transplant performed at Amiens University Hospital
4 mn –  Surgical theatre, the first face transplant in the world.