L’Institut Faire Faces, racontée par son fondateur et Président, le Professeur Bernard Devauchelle.

Head and neck pathologies can be devastating, causing difficulties in eating, speaking, and seeing.

Conditions like oral cancer and laryngeal disorders lead to pain and swallowing challenges, impacting nutrition. Speech can be affected, causing hoarseness or loss of voice. Vision impairment or blindness may result from eye-related pathologies.

Appearance issues due to facial trauma, paralysis or malformations can lead to emotional distress, exclusion from society leading to depression.

Developing the research that will allow to better detect and treat head and neck pathologies is vital for improved outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Institut Faire Faces : a research centre in Amiens, France

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The Institute’s mission is to develop programs leading for the benefit of patients suffering from a head and neck pathology.

For US-based donors, you can make tax deductible contributions via the King Baudoin Foundation in the United States (more information about the foundation : https://kbfus.org.

The Institute develops programs in 3 main areas

équipe chirurgicale première implant zygomatique sous assistance robotisée

Research :  develop research programs in cell engineering, micro-surgery, robotics, artificial intelligence in order to better detect pathologies, personalize treatments and predict surgical success.

Training :  offer innovative surgical training to help surgeons improve their knowledge and surgical skills.

Awareness :  raise awareness campaigns to promote inclusion of people with facial differences.

Your donations allow the Institute to acquire the equipment needed to advance surgery of the head and neck.

“Carlo” is a brand new surgical robot which uses cold laser to cut bones with an incredible precision and in any shape imaginable.

For patients, this technology means that the surgery is less invasive, more precise. The tissues and bones heal faster, patients stay at the hospital are shorter and so is the risk of infection.

Thanks to your donations, the Institute can acquire cutting-edge equipment – such as “Carlo” robot” – and recruit scientists to advance research programs on head and neck pathologies and surgery.

Every single donation matters!

Your donation is essential to us. If you are a French citizen, your donation entitles you to a tax credit of 60% of the donations’ value.
If you are a US resident, you may make a donation to the Institute via this form, hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Nos partenaires

Since its creation in 2009, the Institute is supported by numerous national, regional, public and private partners.