Why donate?

Smell, sight, taste, hearing… 4 out of our 5 senses are located in the head..when the face is injured due a trauma, an accident, a malformation or illnesses such as head and neck cancer, the consequences can be devastating for the patient.

Essential bodily functions which we tend to take for granted, such as swallowing, chewing, salivating, talking, expressing emotions with our face become an everyday hardship. In addition, when facial appearance is impacted, so is social integration. People who look “different” tend to be stigmatized and rejected by society.

The ambition of the Institut Faire Faces is to help people with head and neck pathologies, by developing research and surgical training programs aiming to better understand and operate surgically the various head and neck pathologies, as well as disseminate new surgical techniques with the medical community .

Your donation will allow us to acquire new technical equipment for the research and training programs, and to recruit new researchers.

What is the Institute Faire Faces?

The Institute was founded in 2009 by Professor Devauchelle and Testelin, after they performed the first face transplant in the world in 2005.

A unique research and teaching center in Europe, the objective of the Institute is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in order to restore form and function in faces disfigured as a result of a birth defect, a trauma or cancer.

In spring 2022, the Institute Faire Faces will move into a brand new building exclusively dedicated to research on head and neck surgery.