Disfigurement is a handicap, both on an aesthetic level, with the inherent difficulties of social integration, but above all by the functional consequences that it induces on the major functions of life.

To show this handicap, to show how it can be helped and fought, to propose a “different look”, so that facial deformity is no longer a discriminating factor: such is the vocation of the Faire Faces Institute.

Its objectives are to :

  • To fight for the understanding and acceptance of disfigurement in our society;
  • To communicate in order to finance solutions for the needs in the management of disfigurement;
  • Convince and engage the various decision-makers and interested industrial or academic actors.

The “Beyond faces” video spot

In 2022, the Institute participated in a program to raise awareness about facial differences, and partnered with Anita Volker, script writer and director, to produce a 2:30 minute video spot.