This first ever surgical procedure is the result of the Institute and Greco’s research programs in robotic surgery and surgical sciences. It was performed on October 12th by Matthieu Olivetto and Jérémie Bettoni, both doctors in the maxillofacial surgery unit of Amiens University Hospital.

The procedure was directed by professor Lefranc, Director of Greco ( Groupement de Recherches et d’Études en Chirurgie rObotisée) and resulted in the patient being discharged from the hospital on the same day, with a dental prosthesis, and scar-free.

This new surgical technique is a long-awaited solution for people who lost their teeth as a result of a trauma or a major surgery and made it possible to place 4 zygomatic implants on the same day. The implants were placed completely safely and with extreme accuracy thanks to mini-invasive surgery and the robotic guidance system, for planning the path of insertion of the implants onto the zygomatic bone.

This innovative surgery was performed with the surgical robot ROSA® after multiple simulation exercises on anatomical models at SimUSanté® (CHU Amiens-Picardie – UPJV). The Institute collaborated with Néodent for the development of custom-made implants and with Créadent for the creation of the prosthesis in just a few hours. The prosthesis was implanted by Dr Charles Malthieu and Dr Elie Bitar.

This new surgical technique is part of a clinical program involving 15 more patients in the coming months. The short and medium-term evaluation of the results will bring hope to those patients who can not benefit from a bone graft or are suffering from complex pathologies.