The Institute counts with 2 state-of-the-art technology platforms: a Philips 3 Tesla MRI machine for research and a 3D facial movement capture platform.

The equipment, along with the human resources necessary to operate it, process and analyze the data, is available for institutional and private partners for their own research projects.

Philips 3 Tesla MRI

The Institute’s technical equipment includes a Philips 3 Tesla MRI, available for research projects, and located right next to Amiens University Hospital. The MRI machine comes with multiple antennas and MRI-compatible eye-tracking technology.

  • 60 cm diameter with a maximum weight for the table of 250 kg (patient+ antenna and accessories)

  • Wireless Physiology to monitor patients and synchronize MRI sequences with physiological signals.

  • Head and neck antennas, upper body antennas, small antennas for skin.

  • MRI compatible audio and video system (SensaVue system) that can also be synchronized with MRI images.

  • DynaSuite post-treatment console for advanced neuro imaging;

  • MRI compatible Eyetracking system that allows for the synchronization of eye movement with MRI images.

Facial motion capture


A facial motion capture platform, also called “facemocap”, is made of camera devices that capture 3D face movements, as well as software to process, analyze and model the data.

We use the VICON plaform, a world leader in motion capture for life sciences.

  • 17 optoelectronical VICON™ Vantage V16 cameras.

  • NEXUS processing and modeling software

These platforms are also available for institutional or private research purposes. Contact us for more info.