Technology platforms

The technological platforms of the Institute Faire Faces are available for external teams (private or public). Please contact the Institute for any information.

01 IRM 3 Tesla Philips

  • Diameter of 60cm and maximum table load (patient + antenna and accessories) of 250 kg..

  • Wireless Physiology equipment that allows patient monitoring and ensures synchronization of MRI sequences with physiological signals

  • Head and neck antennas, thorax, small antennas for the skin

  • MRI compatible audio and video projection system: SensaVue system. A specific functional MRI module allows it to be used in synchronization with MRI acquisitions

  • Post-processing console dedicated to advanced neurological imaging applications: DynaSuite

  • MRI compatible EyeTracking device to capture eye movements and correlate them with MRI data.

02Eyetracking and facial movement platform

A facial motion capture platform, called “facemocap”, is a platform consisting of cameras that capture 3D movements of the face, and software that renders these movements for analysis and modeling.

The Institute uses state-of-the-art equipment: the Vicon motion platform, world leader in motion capture for life sciences.

  • 17 optoelectronic cameras VICON Vantage V16

  • NEXUS data processing and modeling software


03Cold laser bone ablation robot

The Carlo robot is a cold laser osteotomy robot developed by the Swiss company AOT. This robot is used within the Institute to develop new protocols for head and neck surgery.

  • The robot  is a totally new paradigm by making it possible to cut the bone into any imaginable shape, opening up the door to brand new surgical approaches
  • New concept of osteosynthesis, without the need to use foreign material (plates, screws, nails)

  • Ultra precise and without heat release, for a better healing and a reduction of the operative risks

  • Fully automated procedures with the possibility to modify the procedure in real time

  • Laser technology; therefore without contact to reduce the risk of infection, bone necrosis (no heat) and rejection (no synthetic material)


04Experimental surgical lab

The 245 square meter experimental surgery block, with 7 tables, is exclusively dedicated to research and training.

Adjacent to the medium-size animal facility and the 135-seat lecture hall, the platform is also equipped with Zeiss Tivato 700 microscopes and the Carlo cold laser osteotomy robot.