Maxillo-facial surgical procedures are often performed in anatomical areas that are difficult to get to, and require extreme precision while minimizing surgical scarring. Surgical robots have been used in many surgical specialities but still need to improve to meet the constraints of maxillo-facial surgeries.

The goal of the Institute is to develop innovative surgical techniques and technologies to make surgical procedures more effective and less invasive.


  • Projet ABM 2010: develop a protocole for the reconstruction of a donor’s face in cases of facial allotransplantations.

  • SKILLS : Platform for the simulation of surgical procedures.



  • Experimental microsurgery

  • Robotic surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery

Research team

  • Sylvie TESTELIN, Stéphanie DAKPÉ, Bernard DEVAUCHELLE, Julien DAVROU, Hans-Florian ZEILHOFER